Beer Giant Announces Record Profits, Offers Workers Less Than a Dollar in New Wages

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(WASHINGTON) — Members of Teamsters Local 997 at Molson Coors in Fort Worth, Texas, were forced to strike today over the company’s disgusting pay package and complete unwillingness to reach a fair agreement with workers. Teamsters walked off the job after Molson Coors failed to come to terms on a new three-year contract that respects the 420 workers who make, package, and warehouse the company’s beer and beverage brands.

The strike shuts down production at the only brewery that services the entire Western region of the United States with major Molson Coors products.

Despite having months to negotiate, Molson Coors presented insulting and regressive contract proposals, including offering less than a $1 per hour wage increase for the majority of Teamsters members. Local 997 is seeking pay raises that reflect the impact of inflation over the term of the expired contract and the elimination of two-tiered health care and retirement benefits.

The union filed numerous unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board over the company’s bad faith bargaining.

“As long as the profits keep flowing to the top, Molson Coors doesn’t give a damn if the workers inside its breweries can afford to take care of their families. They put pennies on the table for the workers behind these products. They want to strip working families of their health care. The greed and abuse from Molson Coors must end now,” said Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien. “Executives shamelessly brag to investors about the company’s incredible growth and historic earnings. Millions go to the CEO, billions go to Wall Street, and a middle finger goes to the workers. We’re not taking the disrespect, we’re not accepting the crumbs, and we’re not making concessions. The Teamsters are taking this fight to the streets, and we will hold the line until our members get what they have earned.”

Molson Coors announced this week that the company’s year-end 2023 earnings were its highest in 19 years. The company spent more than $50 million on advertising in the fourth quarter. Molson Coors reported making six years’ worth of profit growth in 2023 alone. Last October, the company announced a $2 billion stock buyback for wealthy shareholders.

“Molson Coors put itself on strike by taking for granted the Teamsters who keep the beer flowing and the brewery operating. Workers are fed up with the corporate elite who keep all the profits for themselves and expect the people doing the real work to make the sacrifices. Our members are not afraid to withhold their labor. The taps at Molson Coors will run dry until workers get a contract with the pay and workplace conditions they deserve,” said Jeff Padellaro, Director of the Teamsters Brewery, Bakery, and Soft Drink Conference.

On Feb. 8, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters announced it increased strike benefits to $1,000 per week for members of Local 997 fighting for a new contract at Molson Coors in Fort Worth.

Rank-and-file Teamsters produce Coors Light, Topo Chico, Simply, Pabst, and Yuengling, among other Molson Coors beverage brands.

Founded in 1903, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents 1.3 million hardworking people in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Visit for more information. Follow us on Twitter @Teamsters and “like” us on Facebook at



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